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W3iTech Solutions

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Welcome to W3iTech

W3iTech Solutions is an software development and service firm which is involved in providing programming support and services to customized & open source applications. Providing programming, development services for desktop, web and mobile environments.Experience in developing softwares for Windows platform using technologies like .NET, Java, PHP and for Linux platform using C, C++, Java, PHP etc. Experience in web application development for shopping cart, content management system, and social networking community and many more.

Providing services like creation, development, installation, customization and integration of plug-in, mods, components and modules to existing web application.

Web Development services can be provided in any technology to give a successful solution to your business to bring maximum returns. Helping to setup a right solution for your business needs by analyzing your exact requirements and studying with latest trends and appropriate applications.

Web Designing

We are providing professional website design, template design, theme creation and design customization services. We apply latest design techniques for website design services and producing search engine optimized web pages. We have expertise in making suitable look and feel for website functionality.

Web Development

We apply most advanced technologies for the web application development. We used to focus unique programmes for unique functionality implementation. The success of any web application is depends on its usability. We have strong expertise to make the application as user friendly, professionalism and integrity.

Open Source

We are expert in customizing, implementing, integrating open source applications, designing templates, creating themes, making design integration based on client needs. We provide ongoing technical support, services, mods, plugins, and modules for any open source application and data.


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